Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lower Apek Fall of Apek Hill, The Long Way

I explored Lower Apek Fall on 20/10/12 as a solo trekker.  Being a late comer, I arrived at Apek Hill Cheras Awana entrance at 9am.  With only a packet of cookies and a handful of raisins, I hit the trail in front a refreshment stall. 
Trails branch out as you go along, so it's good to take this map with you.

Two ways you can go in.

You can choose the easy way.

 Or the steep way.

 Turning back to see where I came from.  The structure in the background is the refreshment stall.

I took the trail on the right that leads to station 1-5. 

 There are markings along the way.  I guess it says Bukit Cahaya station 5...

Lots of these on Apek Hill, looks pretty harmless at first sight.

 Look closer... I grabbed one of these many years ago and ended up in Pantai Hospital.  The thorns are about an inch long and easily breakable.

Trail towards station 1 is mostly downhill.  

 Cross a stream near station 1.

What goes down must come up... This leads to station 2. 

Up... up... up... 

Give-and-take tree!   The inner bark of this small palm tree contains chemicals which ease pain and help prevent infection. Because of these properties - and its obvious ability to inflict those problems, it is called the "give-and-take" plant!  (Quoted from

 It really took a while to reach station 2.

Station 2... 

A place to sit and take a rest. 

Spotted jungle fruit, are those edible?

After station 2, it's 1.8 km to the waterfall.

 Station 3.

Someone put up a hammock here. 

Station 3A is actually very close to station 3.  This part is easy going.

There are fallen trees.

This is station 5.

The trail branches out here.  The one on the left leads to station 6.  I took the one on the right, to the waterfall.  Beyond here, I found myself completely alone.  Today is a quiet day, probably due to rainy season.  Earlier I met some frequent hikers, who were not willing to go further than here.  I was cautioned not to go to the fall alone.  There was a case where a lady sprained her ankle going down the slope and had to be carried out by four guys.  It took them 6 hours to get out.

After station 5, the trail branches out again.  DO NOT take the one on the right.  I was told it's a trail of no return, uncharted and unused.  Oh yes, I started to lose mobile coverage here.

A faded warning sign.

Since I was alone, I thought I should pick up a stick for self defense, just in case...  I wasn't aware this little guy has been travelling with me.  I spotted it on the stick while taking a rest.  It's about 3 cm in length and really flat, not thicker than 3 mm.

The descend to the waterfall is steep, see where I came from?

There's hardly any grip on the mud.

I have to trust this piece of dead wood.  The step going down is about my height.

I reached here at 12 pm, after 3 hours of trekking.

The pool is not big, and is waist deep.

Taken from the front of the fall.

Small but loud.

I met a group of hikers who came from Taman Saga entrance.  They started at 5.30 am and reached at 12 pm.  What a journey...

There a place to change before going for a dip.

Shallow stream.

One leech bite.

I'm on the way out.  The canopy opens up to a clear sky.  This gives me a little break, but I'm still running out of water and I have two-hour journey ahead.

Weight lifting in the jungle???

It says 'go down' this way.

The best drink ever.

Covered 8.7 km in 5 hours.

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